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10 Reasons to Hire a Car Hauler – Rather Than Transporting It Yourself

Working with cars is not a new thing for you, but if you never had to transport an entire fleet before, it could be a daunting undertaking. This is why it is recommended that you get someone to help you. Here are 10 reasons to hire a car hauler rather than doing your own transport.

1. Professional. The same way you have your speciality in the business world, so do car haulers. They have made the safe transport of large numbers of vehicles their business and their professionalism is the first of the 10 reasons to hire a car hauler rather than doing it yourself.

2. Saves money. It may seem counter-productive, but yes, it will save you money if you trust a car hauler, rather than using your own resources to manage the transport.

3. Reduces theft. If you have to take the cars a long way and you have individual drivers taking care of a car each, the chances of one of those cars being stolen is much higher than having someone safely hauling them in a large, secure truck.

4. Speed. Having one truck drive ten cars at one time in one direction is just a faster way to do it.

5. Convenient. It is also much more convenient to point to ten cars and tell the car hauler take those cars please, rather than trying to tell ten people to drive a car each to a certain place.

6. Safety. Having the truck take your cars safely from point A to B is also a great way reduce the chance of damage to cars, not to mention wear and tear on the engine, tires, etc.

7. Labour. If you hire ten drivers to take the cars one by one, it will cost you a ton in labour and fuel.

8. Parking. One truck is easier to navigate in a truck stop parking lot.

9. Supervising. Following the progress of one truck is better than following a whole fleet.

10. Access. Finding a car hauler is easier than you think.

Those are the 10 reasons to hire a car hauler rather than handling your own auto transport. Able Auto Transport can help you if you have made your decision, or answer any questions you have about the process.