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Are Enclosed Trailers Worth the Added Cost?

There is no easier way to move a car from point A to point B than with a car hauler in Vancouver. Forget about poor driving conditions, climbing gas prices, and roadside pit stops for food and rest; a car hauler can transport your vehicle anywhere across Canada faster, easier, and cheaper than driving yourself.

When it comes to car hauler services in Canada, you have two options, open-air or enclosed trailers. Both will get your vehicle where it needs to go; however, one costs significantly more than the other and may leave you with less freedom to dictate delivery times.

What You Need to Know About Enclosed Car Haulers

Enclosed trailers help keep your valuable possessions safe from the elements and potential road hazards. They can be a great option for individuals moving high-end vehicles, cars with very low clearance, or those that simply need extra care.

However, the added security comes at a price, and many people will find that the extra expense is not worth it.

Most enclosed trailers can transport 1 to 3 vehicles, although some can hold up to seven. Limited space and heavier weight make hiring an enclosed car hauler in Vancouver considerably more expensive than an open-air trailer, which weighs less and can typically accommodate up to 10 vehicles. Due to their increased weight, fuel expenses for an enclosed car hauler are higher, and with fewer vehicles sharing the costs, those costs are passed directly to the consumer.

In Canada, most carl haulers are open-air. That means if you choose to go with an enclosed trailer, you may have limited flexibility with delivery dates, especially if you are looking for last-minute transportation.

Why Open-Air Trailers Are a Better Transportation Solution

Open-air trailers offer consumers reliable, fast, safe, and affordable vehicle transportation. Cars are designed to be driven, on roads, in all types of weather conditions. Unless you are transporting an exotic showpiece, it makes very little sense to splurge on an enclosed trailer.

Opting for an open-air trailer will save you time and money on your car shipping. It is less expensive to use an open-air car hauler because the trailers are lighter, consume less fuel, and can hold more vehicles, which means shipping costs are spread out over more customers. Since open-air trailers are more common than enclosed trailers, it will be much easier to find a car hauler in Vancouver who can accommodate your schedule, even on very short notice or for long-distance moves.

But don’t assume the cost savings come with reduced care or service. Cars shipped on open trailers are regularly checked for damage while en-route to their destination, and many will offer the same type of white-glove, door-to-door service that you would get with an enclosed trailer shipper.

At the end of the day, you should choose the type of car hauler you feel the most comfortable with; it’s up to the individual whether that comfort is worth double the expense.