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Debunking Common Vehicle Shipping Myths

If you are shopping around for car transport services, then chances are you’ve also come across at least a few vehicle shipping horror stories. Most of these accounts involve issues pertaining to delays, hidden costs, and poor customer service. There are so many of these types of negative reviews floating around that, for many people, they have are seen as facts about car transport services.

However, while poor vehicle shipping experiences do happen, they are rare. Generally, people are very satisfied with their vehicle shipping, and most would recommend car transport services to friends and family.

So, to help put your mind at ease, here is the truth behind some of the most common vehicle shipping myths.

#1 It’s Cheaper to Drive than to Ship a Car

Unless you are covering a very short distance, it’s almost always less expensive, not to mention less work, to ship a car. People usually slip up when calculating the benefits of driving, by failing to account for overnight stays, food, and wear on your vehicle. When you drive yourself, it’s not only gas that you need to budget for.

#2 Your Final Bill Will Always be More than Your Quote

Unfortunately, there is some truth to this myth; however, it really depends on the car transport service you choose. When shopping around for quotes, it might be tempting to jump on the cheapest one, but that could be a big mistake. Some unscrupulous carriers may try to win your business by offering unreasonably low vehicle shipping prices, only to surprise you with additional fees on delivery. Instead, choose a carrier you feel confident with and one whose price isn’t way off other quotes.

#3 It’s Best to Pay for Premium Vehicle Shipping

On the flip side, some companies may market themselves as premium vehicle shippers and charge fees way above average. While door-to-door shipping and enclosed carriers do cost more, you should compare prices of similar car transport services before forking over big bucks on so-called premium rates that are just standard shipping options with fancy names.

#4 Vehicle Shipping Costs are Determined by Distance

Once again, there is some truth to the myth. The distance you are shipping your vehicle will factor into the total cost, but it’s not the only factor car transport services use when providing a quote. The size and weight of your vehicle will impact the overall weight of the carrier, which in turn will impact the cost of shipping your car.

It also matters where your vehicle is being shipped to and from. If the pickup or drop-off locations are in rural areas, you could be charged additional fees for vehicle shipping. One way to avoid these fees would be to arrange for terminal to terminal shipping.

Vehicle shipping is the safest, most straightforward way to move your car. If you are worried about cost, consider ways to reduce shipping price, including being flexible on dates and choosing terminal shipping.

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