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Car Shipping Canada

How to Best Prepare Your Car for Shipping

If you are considering car shipping in Canada, there are a few things you might want to do to get ready for shipping. There is always a possibility that things can go wrong, but proper preparation can make all the difference in the world. Obviously, one of the first things to do is find a good auto transport company, but the five steps below will help make your shipping experience positive.

1. Clean your car

Yes, it will likely get a little dirty during transport, but if you clean your car before shipping, you will know if there are any bumps or dings on it before shipping. After you clean it, document everything and take photos. If there are any damages after delivery, you will have proof of your car’s condition.

2. Get proper insurance

While auto transport companies will have insurance, their coverage may not include everything you need to have covered. Be sure you have the coverage you need for your vehicle before shipping your car.

3. Remove personal items

Before car shipping in Canada, make sure you have removed all your personal belongings. Make sure the glove box and any other compartments are empty before you release it, because insurance won’t cover those items if lost or stolen.

4. Disable the alarm

When shipping a car, make sure you disable your car alarm before releasing it. If it does go off during shipment, a driver might need to take extraordinary means to disable it and may damage your car in the process. Save yourself and the transport driver the hassle, and make sure your car alarm has been disabled prior to auto transport in Canada.

5. Check your tire pressure

Having tires that are properly inflated limits the risk of tire damage during the loading and unloading process. Under or over-inflated tires can be risky in transport, so make sure they are properly inflated to avoid any related issues.

Auto transport in Canada is a competitive industry;do your homework, choose a reputable company, and take a little time to properly prepare your vehicle, and you should have a positive experience.