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Car Hauler in Calgary

Moving? Save the Kilometres and the Stress – Hire a Car Hauler in Calgary Instead

Are you planning on moving to a new province or even across country? Thinking about packing up your car and making the trek yourself? That may seem like a good idea at the time, however, long haul drives, especially if you have other occupants in the car, can be tedious journeys filled with traffic jams and endless bathroom breaks. Save yourself the pain and hire a car hauler in Calgary instead. Still not convinced? Here are the top 3 reasons people choose to hire a car hauler for long distance moves:

It Will Actually Save Money

Some people argue that driving is less expensive than hiring a car hauler service in Calgary. Unless you drive an electric car and plan on sleeping in it, the reverse is more likely true. Expenses can add up quickly when traveling long distances, including fuel, lodging, and food. When you hire a car hauler in Calgary, the costs of transport are split up over a large load of cars, making the cost bornebyeach individual significantly less than if they were to hire the service independently.

It Will Save Your Vehicle

Long haul trips put a lot of kilometres onto to your vehicle; this reduces the value of your car and can bear additional costs, such as increased maintenance, oil changes, and wear on your tires. When you hire a car hauler, you don’t need to worry about any wear to your vehicle, as it will be sitting comfortably on a flatbed.

It Will Save You Time

The average time it takes to drive cross country, say from Calgary to Toronto, is 32 hours, not taking into account traffic and stops. The average adult can drive, at most, 8 hours before needing to rest. That means it will take at least 4-5 days to make the journey. I don’t know about you, but there are other ways I would rather spend my vacation time. Arrange to send you car in advance of your move with a car hauler and it can be ready for your arrival.