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Questions That Most People Forget to Ask When Hiring Car Movers

It’s always a little surprising to hear the number of people that hire car shipping companies based solely on an online quote. I’ve heard people ask more questions about a dinner special than about a company that will potentially be moving a pretty expensive asset. Before you hire car movers, here are the top 4 questions most people forget to ask car shipping companies:

Are You a Broker or a Transporter?

The difference between a broker and a transporter is knowing who is responsible for your valuable shipment. A broker is simply an intermediary who connects carries and shipments in order to earn a fee or commission, and this information is rarely shared, unless the question is specifically asked. While some may have stronger business practices than others, at the end of the day, you may not even know what transporter will be responsible for shipping your vehicle – or what their reputation and business practices are. When you book directly with a transporter, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you’ve researched and selected a carrier that you can trust.

How Are Your Rates Calculated?

Very few people forget to ask for a rate or a quote prior to shipping, however those who do not inquire as to how the rates are calculated may be in for a nasty surprise at delivery. Unscrupulous car shipping companies may try to win business by underquoting for the job, only to surprise you at delivery with a bunch of additional fees. Before booking, ask for an upfront breakdown of fuel charges, kilometer charges, weight charges, terminal use if you require storage, and delivery fees. Understanding how a move is priced can protect you against surprise charges.

Ask About Their Insurance Policy and Deductible

This is important for your protection. Many people assume that all car shipping companies have insurance, however this may not be the case, and even among fully insured businesses, there may be vast differences in insurance coverage and deductibles. Before you end up with an unfortunate surprise, like low coverage amounts, excessive exclusions, or sky high deductibles, take a moment to inquire about the car mover’s insurance policy.

How Are the Vehicles Shipped?

This may seem obvious, however different transporters may utilize different methods of vehicle transportation, and some may even offer more than one option,based on price and availability. Depending on your vehicle and your needs, you may have a preference for enclosed shipping or single vehicle shipping – both of which cost more. More budget conscious consumers may have a preference for multi-car, open air transport. With many options, be sure to ask about the various shipping methods offered.