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Auto Moving Companies in Canada

Recommended Auto Moving Companies in Canada

If you have made the decision to have a car transported,you may have already discovered that there is a lot of competition for your business in the field. However, before you agree to sign on with a cut rate service, here is a list of attributes a recommended auto moving company should definitely have.

A History of Good Service

A history of providing exceptional service is one way to be reasonably certain that an auto moving company is legitimate. Referrals from friends or family that have used the service is great, however online reviews can offer some great insight into a company’s business practices. If you are considering a company that has very little feedback, either because they are newer or simply do not have an online presence, that may be reason to give pause and investigate further before committing to a service. Newbies to the business deserve a chance too, however “new” auto moving companies in Canada may also be unscrupulous businesses who have simply rebranded to avoid negative reviews and poor business practices.

Licensed and Insured

This may seem like a given, however there are many self-proclaimed auto moving companies in Canada that are not licensed and do not have proper liability insurance. Before you sign, do your research. Ask for a business card or for the companies web address and take a moment to make sure that they are both licensed and insured for auto transport.

Own Their Business

This can be a tricky area to navigate. There are a lot of broker services out there that take your information and match you with a third party auto moving service in exchange for a commission and it will not always be obvious that you’ve booked with a broker. Some legit businesses use this type of service as a part of their business plan, however it is always best to deal directly with an owner-operated business where possible. Owner-operators have an additional motivation to provide exceptional service and this only serves to benefit you, the client.

Get More Than One Quote

Unless you are in a rush, and even then, you should always get more than one quote before committing to a moving company. Unlike household movers, auto moving companies in Canada should be able to provide online or over the phone quotes. When comparing quotes, make sure you are comparing similar services. Some auto moving companies in Canada offer different levels of services. For example, some companies offer driveway to driveway service, offer the option of open or closed trailer, or even private rides. Competitive rates are important, however be cautious of quotes that are completely out of line with the competition, as there may be hidden fees.