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Car Haulers for Vehicle Transport

The Advantages of Using Car Haulers for Vehicle Transport

As the weather continues to improve, many Calgarians are taking this opportunity to go outside and enjoy the warm climate. As it happens, many individuals can also take advantage of this weather by having a car hauler in Calgary ship their vehicle. Summer is the best time to ship your car, as shipping times are short and the cost is inexpensive.

If you have just picked up a vehicle from a distance away, whether it be at an auto show or used car auction, there is no reason to spend an unreasonable amount of money on the transport of your new vehicle. A misconception about car transport is that it’s expensive. This article will investigate why shipping your car using an open trailer is the safest, fastest, and cheapest option for vehicle transport.

Safety Benefit

When it comes to vehicle shipping, many believe that enclosed trailers are a must for those wishing to ship their most valuable vehicles. In reality, enclosed trailers are extremely overpriced and very hard to come by. Open trailers are responsible for carrying between 2 and 10 vehicles. Drivers are not only responsible for the transport of your vehicle, but up to 9 others as well. Open trailers tend to be the more reliable option if you want fast, inexpensive, and safe shipping.

Time Benefit

The auto transport industry is the busiest during the warmer months. The beginning of spring and winter result in the highest number of car haulers on freeways. As the demand increases, so does the supply. There will always be open trailers ready to transport vehicles at these times of the year. Due to the high number of haulers on the road, you will likely be able to source a hauler and get a vehicle shipped much faster than performing the same process for an enclosed trailer. Additionally, the network of car haulers spreads across North America. Car haulers are located across the United States and Canada, from Calgary to Miami.

Cost Benefit

Often times, people associate car transport with a high cost, and they aren’t necessarily wrong. Enclosed trailer transport can be time-consuming and expensive. Open trailers, on the other hand, offer a safe, reliable, and cheap alternative to the costly enclosed trailer transporting system. As mentioned before, the highest cost of transport is during the beginning of spring and winter, and even then, open trailer transport by car haulers is much cheaper than enclosed trailers.

Car hauling has been a reliable car transport system for many decades. Overall, the three main benefits of open trailer car hauling in Calgary are; safety, time and cost savings.