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Types of Vehicle Transportin Canada

Re-locating to another part of the country means dealing with a lot of details. Packing up your home, getting your affairs in order, and researching the best ways to get your life and your belongings to a new province. An easy, stress-free way to get your vehicle from one part of the country to another is by choosing to use a vehicle transport company in Canada. Sometimes, there isn’t enough time to personally drive the vehicle, as you and your family are flying to your new destination, or you’re moving your belongings there yourself. A car transport company will make sure your vehicle gets there in a safe and timely manner.

There are a few types of car transport in Canada:

Enclosed Transport

If you own a luxury vehicle, antique or classic car, you may choose to transport your car by way of enclosed transport. This is when a car is driven onto a ramp and the into a trailer attached to a truck. The entire trailer is covered; hard trailers have solid walls made of tin or aluminum and soft trailers use canvas. The car is usually strapped into place, so there’s limited movement during transport. This protects your asset from any elements such as rocks, rain, snow, and hail, so the vehicle arrives in the exact same condition that it started in. There are also multi-car enclosed carriers often used for events such as car shows. This option can be very costly, but worth it if your vehicle needs special care.

Open Air transport

Another option of fast and easy vehicle transport in Canada is multi-car open air transport carriers. Carriers can carry 3-12 vehicles at a time, alleviating some of the costs associated with enclosed carriers – especially if you’re transporting more than one vehicle. Open air carriers are specially designed with railroad rolling stock and can be single or two-tier. These are the carriers that you will usually see on the highway. Another advantage of a multi-car open air transport carrier is that they are most popular method of car transport in Canada, so there will be more of a chance to be able to book your move when you need it. Drivers are highly qualified, insured, and have the ability to pick up right from your driveway, making this option a time saver.

Other options are air or rail transport, but again, these types of transport can be very costly,and you may not be able to find a time that suits your moving schedule.

If you need to transport your vehicle across Canada, and don’t have the time or manpower, a great option to consider is moving your vehicle with a reputable car transport company.