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What Are the Safest Options for Transporting a Car During COVID-19?

Even though the daily routine has changed drastically for many people this past year, life goes on. We have obligations, moves, transfers, financial commitments, relatives in other provinces, and all sorts of responsibilities that require our attention. With safety being of the utmost concern, planning for long distance moves or shipping of vehicles can be particularly challenging. If you are planning on car shipping in Canada, you may be wondering what your options are, and what is your safest choice.

Professional Auto Transport in Canada

Car shipping in Canada aboard either an enclosed or open air truck is the most convenient, and often the most affordable option for auto transport across Canada. And with a global pandemic still very active, professional auto transport also remains the safest way to ship a vehicle long distance. The process of shipping your car requires no physical contact, and with the exception of loading and unloading, no one will ever be inside your vehicle. While a professional transporter will make frequent visual inspections of the exterior of your vehicle, they will not be inside or touching the car. And when they are required to access the vehicle, strict safety measures are in place.

Drive it Yourself

For individuals who are afraid of contamination to their vehicles, driving across the country themselves may seem like a better option. However when you consider pumping gas, eating out, and overnight stays in various hotels, the possibility of an inadvertent COVID exposure is significantly increased with driving yourself, as compared to having your vehicle shipped.

Hire a Driver

If you can find someone, a friend, relative, or acquaintance, who is willing to drive your vehicle across the country, it may seem like a good option; it mitigates your potential exposure, while ensuring your vehicle gets where it needs to be. However, many of the same challenges that are present when you consider driving your own car for a long haul move still apply – there will be stops for gas, food, rest, and sleep, and the potential for exposure at any of these locations. There is also the mileage that will be added on the vehicle, and a greater chance of damage during the trip.

The safest way to ship a car, or to get an out of province vehicle home during COVID-19, is through a trusted auto transport service.