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Are you looking to move your vehicle to Manitoba, or from Manitoba?  Well, your search is over!  With over 25 years of experience, we are reliable professionals you can count on for shipping your car to Manitoba, from anywhere in Canada.  Able Auto Transport is your best choice for fast and safe vehicle shipping to or from Manitoba.

From private individuals who need to transfer their personal vehicles, to dealerships and businesses who must relocate an entire fleet of vehicles, Able Auto Transport offers safe, reliable, on-time vehicle shipping to Manitoba. Whether you need to ship one vehicle, or many, our capable fleet of 3 – 10 vehicle carriers can handle all of your vehicle transport requirements.

On-time delivery is a pillar of our success and you will never be left wondering when your vehicle shipment will be delivered.  We pride ourselves on consistent customer satisfaction and ensuring that your vehicle arrives on time is just one way that we achieve that goal.  While your vehicle shipping to Manitoba is in transit, you can contact us anytime to track your shipment, so you will always be sure that your vehicle shipment is on track to be delivered.

For added convenience, we can even offer Door to Door Service, so we can arrange pick up of your vehicle from your driveway and deliver it right to your driveway on the other end.  Rather than you picking up your vehicle at a central drop-off point, we will bring it right to you!

Of course, when you are shipping a car to Manitoba, you want to know that your vehicle being handled safely during transport.  With Able Auto Transport you can rest easy.  In addition to our top notch record of damage-free vehicle shipping, we are fully insured, so if any damage does occur due to carrier negligence, the costs of repairing your vehicle will be covered.

We know what you are looking for when you need car shipping to Manitoba – fast transport, safe handling and on-time delivery – and, along with your vehicle, these three things are exactly what we deliver!

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